As project director I work with

  • Approving strategies and plans

  • Approval of amendments to budgets


Some of the worst things a project director knows is when


A steering committee meeting with 50 individual cases, which is time-consuming to review and makes it difficult to understand cross-cutting consequences for the project portfolio


When projects have to be stopped because it is unclear whether the established funding can cover the expected liquidity requirements


When the auditor gives annotations on the current management and underlying documentation

the project director

  • Provides management with a current and simple but comprehensive overview of the impact of changes in budget and underlying assumptions across the project portfolio.
  • Make it easy to identify excess funding that can be used elsewhere and whether there are projects that should be stopped so that there are enough resources for more important projects.
  • Ensures that the required documentation of dispositions and contracts is available to auditors and stakeholders.
  • Provides efficient and easy communication about finance and contracts that make everyone’s everyday easier and create better time for project owners and managers to focus on creating the value their project is put into the world to deliver.

Budgeting /  Approval flows  /  Contract management  /  Price Development

"Captyst har givet os effektiv økonomistyring og governance – det har imponeret vores revision. Samtidig er hverdagen blevet nemmere for både projektledere og ledelse."

Berit Steenstrup Damm

Økonomi- og Proceschef, Nyt Hospital og Ny Psykiatri Bispebjerg

"Efter at have været på et tre dages introduktionskursus til et stort ERP system, var det en sand fornøjelse at blive introduceret til Captyst. Det var nemt at bruge, relevant for hvad jeg laver, og det blev med det samme klart, hvorfor vi havde behov for det."

Projektleder, Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri

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