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Intelligent financial and contract management

Captyst makes up with traditional, document-based approaches to portfolio management. Instead, Captyst builds on one central database. This eliminates the need to consolidate spreadsheets and documents, thus ensuring timeliness in the decision-making. Captyst is stored and operated in the cloud, accessed from a browser and updates in real time.

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Modules and apps available in Captyst


Budget managers submit budgets for their projects by entering them directly into Captyst. Budget managers can compare ongoing budget changes with initial commitment budgets and estimate the impact of different budget scenarios.

Contract management

Project managers can easily and easily manage contracts, peak periods and essential documents and see the connection from current contracts to budgets and received invoices directly in Captyst.

Follow-up on consumption and completion rate

Consumption will be connected and signed to contracts, making it easy for project managers to check if the invoiced amounts match the actual value created in the project.

Andre moduler og apps i Captyst:

Øjebliksbillede   •   Øjebliksbillede   •   Øjebliksbillede   •   Øjebliksbillede   •   Øjebliksbillede

6 ways that Captyst creates value



1) Effective financial management

Effective flow of information and minimization of the need for recurrent acquisition and consolidation of spreadsheets provides efficiency gains in the field of financial management and enforcement of governance.

2) Better documentation for external audit

The audit can directly access Captyst and easily access budgets, documentation, etc. The system has impressed auditors and has been highlighted as best practice.

3) Better insight into the need for funding and opportunities to allocate funding

Greater transparency makes it possible to identify unused resources and funding in the portfolio as well as allocate this to projects with the greatest need. This helps to ensure that funding is first taken when there is a real need. Costs associated with premature or delayed collection of funding are minimized.

4) Fewer budget overruns

By constantly having the current overview of the economy throughout the portfolio, management achieves a unique opportunity to intervene early in projects where actual consumption exceeds budgeted.

5) Easier control of external suppliers

The project manager’s updated overview of the relationships between agreements entered into and received invoices helps to visualize incorrect invoicing from suppliers, thereby minimizing losses.

6) Happy project managers and happy management

Efficient and easy communications on finance and contracts make everyone’s everyday easier and create better time for project owners and managers to focus on creating the value their project is put into the world to deliver.

"Captyst har givet os effektiv økonomistyring og governance – det har imponeret vores revision. Samtidig er hverdagen blevet nemmere for både projektledere og ledelse."

Berit Steenstrup Damm

Økonomi- og Proceschef, Nyt Hospital og Ny Psykiatri Bispebjerg

"Efter at have været på et tre dages introduktionskursus til et stort ERP system, var det en sand fornøjelse at blive introduceret til Captyst. Det var nemt at bruge, relevant for hvad jeg laver, og det blev med det samme klart, hvorfor vi havde behov for det."

Projektleder, Region Hovedstadens Psykiatri

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