Agile portfolio management in large projects

How can large project organizations continually adapt to changing conditions while maintaining the overview?

Agil project management is on the agenda of many companies

We all know that the world is not static and that you are constantly getting wiser. Therefore, it makes good sense to work in fast iterations so that you are continuously adapting the project to a new reality.

The requirement to be able to act agile applies equally well to a level above, namely in the project organizations. Only here the complexity is often many times greater. And even minor changes can significantly increase  complexity.

The most important prerequisite for agile project portfolio management is access to knowledge

First and foremost access to knowledge in the form of an overview of the project’s financial and contract management. Quick access to current data is required for the management to act optimally as soon as the budget or project takes an unexpected turn.

In traditional project portfolio management, the necessary information is scattered around documents and spreadsheets kept by the individual project managers and often in different geographical locations. In order to get an overview of the project’s current economy, a larger collection and consolidation of data is required. It is time consuming, and in an ever-changing dynamic world, the overview is outdated before being presented to management.

It is that recognition of how important it is to have the full overview and current high quality data within large project portfolios, which is why we have created CAPTYST PPM. CAPTYST PPM is a user-friendly finance and contract management system that enables the senior management and project managers to access and register all data on the same platform.

CAPTYST PPM provides real-time overview, automatic data consolidation and full data history of all project changes

In CAPTYST PPM it is a breeze to set up scenarios that show the consequence of budget changes or changed price developments, so that the distribution of resources can best be prioritized on an ongoing basis.

It is a cloud-based solution with full integration against ERP and document management systems such as SAP and WorkZone. This means that all project documents can be accessed from the same platform.

CAPTYST PPM is agile financial and contract management that supports the need for agile management in the project organization. 

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